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HAPPY GAS: Dental Sedation Options

Nitrous Oxide

Dental anxiety or fear is the most common reason why people tend to avoid visiting a dentist regularly. At Dentist@330 we offer sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry to our anxious patients. This involves the use of happy gas or nitrous oxide as it is otherwise known. Sedation using happy gas (relative analgesia) can be used on both adults and children during dental treatments.

Using happy gas is safe and has minimal side effects with the process being reversible. Happy gas can be especially useful for anxious dental patients making it easier for them to undergo dental treatment.

The process involves breathing small amounts of nitrous oxide with pure oxygen to give a sedated, relaxed feeling for the patient. Once treatment is completed the patient is given pure oxygen to breathe along with room air before they are allowed to leave. Unlike with other dental sedation techniques the patient can leave without being escorted as the process is completely reversed.


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