In-Chair Teeth Whitening Procedure Step By Step || How Teeth Whitening Is Done?

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So you all have might have different questions when it comes to the teeth whitening or about teeth whitening procedure. So today we’ll be doing the teeth whitening with Philips zoom teeth whitening and will show you the teeth whitening procedure today. So the first thing that we need to do in this teeth whitening dental procedure is obviously to get all the plaque out of the patient’s teeth.


Because to do the teeth whitening we need the teeth to be nice and clean for the gel to be able to penetrate. This is called liquid dentin. This is what’s gonna actually protect the gum and can help us be more focused on the teeth whitening. So what we do is we squeeze this all around. What the lighting actually does is it just makes the process a bit quicker. The light has nothing to do with how much whiter the teeth will be.


It’s actually the teeth bleaching gel the light is activating it and making things a bit quicker for us. All right, it’s all done, I’m gonna move this now to the side. And, time to clean up.


So we’ll be telling patients to avoid coffee for the next three days, red wine, red sauces, curry to let the teeth whitening treatment do its job.


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