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Bad Breath Treatment in Mt. Waverley

The team at Dentist@330 are experts at providing treatment for halitosis and can help get rid of bad breath. Bad breath is a very common dental problem that many people face and are embarrassed about.

What Causes Bad Breath:

Bad breath is usually a result of poor oral hygiene but there can also be several other factors that contribute to bad breath. Some of these factors include diet, smoking habits and even underlying oral health issues like gum disease.

The Treatment For Bad Breath:

Preventive dental treatments like regular dental check-ups and cleaning, lifestyle changes to eating and smoking habits can make a difference.

What Can Happen If You Ignore Bad Breath:

Besides the obvious embarrassment from smelly breath, it can usually be a sign of a more serious problem like gum disease (or gingivitis).

Speak to our dentists in Mt Waverley to find out how you can get rid of and prevent bad breath.