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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal Mount Waverley

As with simple extractions, your dentist will first use local anesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding gum and jaw. However, if you are particularly nervous you may be able to have the wisdom tooth removed under sedation. Many people fear getting their wisdom tooth extracted but the truth is that in many cases, especially if the tooth has fully emerged, the procedure is the same as a simple extraction.

If your tooth has not emerged or has but only partially the process is a little more involved and your dentist will need to perform a surgical extraction. This entails a flap being cut in the gum so that your dentist can access the tooth. They may also need to cut away some of the bone that surrounds the tooth and will possibly have to ‘section’ it by breaking it into several pieces to make the removal easier. There is no escaping the fact that a surgical extraction is more intense and will require more aftercare than a simple extraction but it is still a routine minor surgical procedure and nothing that you should get worried about.

If you require further assessment and advice about your wisdom teeth or you are having pain due to an impacted wisdom tooth, contact us.