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Simple Extrations

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simple dental extraction mount waverley

Tooth Extractions Mount Waverley

If you need a simple extraction the good news is that our dentists begin the procedure by numbing your tooth and the gum around it with local anesthetic. After this, they will enlarge the tooth’s socket so that it can be separated from the ligaments that help hold it in place. To do this a dental elevator, a wedge-shaped tool is inserted into the ligament between the tooth and the bone and gently manipulated. In some cases, this loosens the tooth enough so that it can be extracted although if not, extraction forceps are used to move it back and forth until it is eventually loose enough to come out.

After the tooth has been removed your dentist will smooth any rough bone edges and irrigate the tooth socket to remove any loose debris. Afterwards, gauze will be packed into the socket to stop any bleeding although occasionally the socket may require a couple of stitches.

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