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Crowns and Bridges

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Quality Restoration Using Crowns & Bridges in Mount Waverley

Do you have a tooth that is cracked, discoloured, decaying, in poor shape or broken? If so you might want to consider dental crowns. A crown is simply a cap that fits over an existing tooth to make it look more attractive. If your tooth is fairly prominent most dentists will use a porcelain crown and if it is a molar they will usually use metal or a combination of metal and porcelain. Dental crowns are a simple way of regaining your smile and your confidence.

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to lose a number of teeth either through decay or through an accident a bridge will make all the difference to your appearance. A bridge covers the gap where your teeth are missing by attaching to the remaining teeth or to crowns that have been added to hold the bridge. However, a bridge is not just for cosmetic purposes and if you’re missing teeth you should talk to your dental bridge Melbourne specialist because missing teeth can actually change the shape of your face. This occurs when the remaining teeth start to shift in your mouth due to the extra gum room; not only will the teeth become crooked but you may also experience problems chewing food.


Our dental crowns and bridges last a very long time with the right care and maintenance. The average lifespan for patients is around 10 years or more.

Practising good oral hygiene and maintaining your routine dental check-ups is the best way to ensure tooth crowns and bridges last as long as possible.

Dental bridges are usually fixed meaning they are permanently attached until replaced by a dentist. There is a removable bridge option, however, it is more commonly referred to as a partial denture.

The cost of your crown and bridge treatment can vary depending on the complexity and material used. For example, will cost more than composite. In Australia, the average cost for a tooth crown can range from $1500 and $2200 according to ADA data whereas a bridge will cost more as it replaces multiple missing teeth.

After getting your dental bridge, it may take a few weeks to adjust to the feeling. If, however, you continue to feel uncomfortable long after this period it may indicate a problem such as improper fit, or a dental issue like decay or gum disease in the surrounding area

If you are experiencing pain, or discomfort around your dental bridge (or any other dental restoration), contact our dentists as soon as possible.

Dental restorations such as crowns and bridges may be covered in some private health insurance policies. Contact your health fund to confirm if this is applicable to you.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!