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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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Complete Smile Makeover Mount Waverley

Sometimes due to cracked teeth, missing teeth and tooth wear your jaws and teeth go out of alignment and the only way to properly fix it is to do Full Mouth Rehabilitation sometimes known as a smile makeover. This is not limited to but may involve Orthodontics, dental crowns, dentures, implants and all sorts of restorative dentistry coming together to get you the best possible result. To achieve optimum full mouth rehabilitation a lot of planning and need for an experienced practitioner is essential.

Do you have concerns about the condition of your teeth and feel that one of the above restorative dentistry techniques could help you? If you need a complete smile makeover or would like advice about the full mouth rehabilitation service, contact our dentists in Mount Waverley and let us help determine your best course of treatment.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!