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Toothache Treatment in Mt. Waverley

A toothache or tooth pain can be an extremely uncomfortable experience negatively affecting your day to day life. If you are suffering from a toothache, don’t waste time contact our emergency dentists and book an appointment today. Dentist@330 can help with tooth pain relief.

Toothache is generally a sign of a more serious dental problem so it’s important to get it checked by a dentist to prevent further damage and treat the pain. Some causes can include tooth decay, cracked and chipped teeth, impacted wisdom teeth and even gum disease.

Treatment for toothache usually depends on the actual cause of the pain. Our dentists will first help relieve the pain through medication or other treatment, then assess the tooth to identify what the underlying cause is. Once identified the appropriate treatment plan will be discussed with you.

If a toothache is ignored the pain can become a lot worst and even unbearable. In addition to the excruciating pain the underlying cause can result in more serious dental problems like gum disease and tooth loss.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!