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5 Signs You Should Seek Emergency Dental Care

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Accidents happen, and unfortunately are the cause of most dental emergencies. Generally, we consider a dental emergency to be any dental problem that needs immediate treatment. This may be to alleviate severe pain, save a tooth, treat severe tooth infections or stop bleeding. 

5 signs that you should seek emergency dental care in Mount Waverley.

Severe Pain or Toothache

If you have a toothache that isn’t going away, or causing you sleepless nights, there is likely a bigger issue in play that needs immediate treatment. Upon assessment, your emergency dentist in Mount Waverley might find signs of:

  • Dental cavities
  • An impacted wisdom tooth
  • Gum disease (periodontal disease)

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Persistent Swelling

Post injury or trauma, swelling is a common symptom. However, persistent swelling associated with pain or tenderness is a sign of bigger problems. 


Blood in your mouth or spit can mean a number of things, but definitely requires a visit to your dentist. If your gums bleed after brushing or flossing, this is a telltale sign of gingivitis, a developing gum disease caused by poor dental hygiene. Left untreated, you could develop a life threatening periodontal disease.

Broken Teeth

You might think a tiny crack isn’t a problem, but if left untreated it could lead to a split tooth. Much like your car’s windscreen, chips and cracks can lead to further and more severe damage, such as tooth rot, decay and infection.

Suddenly Loose or Missing Teeth

When you’re a kid, having wriggly or missing teeth can be fun and exciting. As an adult, your teeth should be solid and definitely not fall out. 

We know prevention is the best treatment, and that’s why we recommend bi-annual checkups at your local dentist in Mount Waverley. But sometimes dental emergencies can happen in between your check-ups, and our expert emergency dentists are here to help you and your family. If you are in need of a same-day appointment in Mount Waverley, call Dentist at 330 now on (03) 9886 5318.