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Your Guide To Getting Clear Aligners – Invisalign Mount Waverley

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Okay, so you’ve been thinking of starting your journey to a straighter, confident smile with Invisalign teeth straightening? Wonderful! Here at Dentist@330, we can definitely help with that! We understand however, that you may feel some hesitation, or you may be wondering if it is the right choice for you. 

Never fear, for in this blog post, we’ll provide you with a ‘clear’ guide on Invisalign teeth aligners, to ensure that you feel well-informed beforehand. 


So, how does Invisalign work?

Nowadays, Invisalign has been soaring in demand, as a convenient alternative to traditional metal wires and brackets. The treatment uses clear, smooth, plastic aligners that fit snugly over your teeth. Virtually invisible and comfortable to wear, it’s no wonder that they’ve been becoming so popular over the years! 

A personalised treatment plan will be formulated just for you and so, you will receive custom-made clear teeth aligners that will gradually move your teeth into your desired positions.

And an amazing benefit of Invisalign? They’re removable! 

That’s right, you no longer have to worry about brushing around the wires or food stuck around your brackets – just pop them off when brushing your teeth or when eating and drinking! It is as simple and convenient as that. 

What issues can Dentist@330 solve with the help of Invisalign treatment?

Dentist@330 can solve a range of dental issues with clear aligners! Teeth straightening aside, the benefits of our clear teeth aligner treatment include:

  • Misaligned teeth

If your teeth are not properly positioned, for example if they are crowding in your mouth, are crooked, overlapping in any way or have gaps, Invisialign can absolutely help. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign can enable you to up your oral hygiene game and make it easier to bite and chew foods. 

  • Overbite

If you’re finding that your upper front teeth overlap significantly with the lower front teeth when the jaw is closed, you may have an overbite. Invisalign is incredibly useful in aiding the positioning of your teeth so that your upper teeth do not protrude forward beyond the lower teeth. 

  • Underbite
    If your lower front teeth are positioned ahead of your upper jaw, causing your lower teeth to appear more prominent than your upper teeth, don’t fret, as clear teeth aligners can help fix this as well!
  • Crossbite

You may have a crossbite if one or more of your teeth are positioned inside your lower teeth when your jaw is closed. If so, Invisalign in Mount Waverley can help with repositioning your teeth to resolve the issue.

  • Open Bite

If you’re finding that your upper and lower teeth, when your jaw is closed, leaves a gap or space between the front or side view, as the teeth do not meet, you may have an open bite. However, this dental issue can be solved with the use of Invisalign!

Invisalign can definitely help you with a variety of concerns you may have about your teeth. Once you have your consultation with our Invisalign dentists, you will have a much better grasp of how Invisalign will be tailored just for you, as our supportive dentists will be able to answer any burning questions you may have. 

Braces vs. Invisalign – which is better?

The most anticipated answer…for the battle of the teeth straightening solutions! Which is superior? The robust method of braces or the modern solution of invisible braces, Invisalign? 

Well, that is an answer that is quite subjective. While many prefer Invisalign, braces can sometimes be preferred depending on the patient’s journey. 

Each has their own benefits but if you would like to know what’s specifically right for you, chat to our Invisalign dentists down at the clinic. However, overall, the advantages of Invisalign include: 

  • Aesthetic

Fool all your friends with Invisalign, which is designed so that your teeth are straightened in a discreet way. They’ll be none the wiser! If you feel like you’ll be self-conscious because of your braces, perhaps Invisalign is the option for you. Flash a toothy grin in photos without worrying about how your teeth look.  

  • Oral hygiene

As mentioned before, Invisalign is removable which makes it all the easier for you to enjoy your favourite foods without compromising and to brush and floss thoroughly, so your pearly whites are kept clean and healthy.

  • Fewer consultations

A great part of clear teeth aligners is that there are fewer consultations required, which means you can go about your day and catch up with life without having to rush around, bustling to any appointments for your brackets and wires. 

  • Comfort

An amazing component of Invsialign is that it sits comfortably over your teeth. Composed of smooth plastic, it’s designed to keep your comfort in mind. You’ll almost forget you have them on!

If you’re still unsure about what to choose, reach out to our friendly team and we can walk you through everything as thoroughly as you’d like. 

What does Invisalign cost? 

The costs of Invisalign in Mount Waverley will most likely vary as your situation will be unique, therefore your needs will be different. It’s difficult to provide a one-size-fits-all price on the treatment. However, if you are worried about the pricing of straightening your teeth, we understand. That’s why we offer Afterpay and the National Dental Plan, for your peace of mind. For more information on costs and pricing, feel free to contact us directly and chat to our friendly staff. 

So, straighten out your teeth with Invisalign at Dentist@330 near Mount Waverley and stop googling ‘Invisalign near me’! We deliver results you’ll be beaming about! Contact us today at our clinic at (03) 9886 5318, check out our services or book an appointment on our website.