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Are Dental Implants Safe for Senior Citizens?

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Dental implants are a widely used option for the treatment of many common dental and oral problems. However, age concerns may cause many senior citizens to avoid dental implants in Mount Waverley. To overcome this problem, specialized implants for seniors may be used. Here, the article will focus on whether implants for seniors are safe and what benefits they provide, including: 

  • Safe Implants for Seniors 
  • Dental Implants Benefit for Seniors 
  • Price of Implants for Seniors 
  • The procedure of Dental Implants in Mount Waverley 

Safe Implants for Seniors 

Dental implants for seniors act as artificial roots for your tooth in the shape of screws. Such implants for seniors are installed in their jawbone, providing a natural fit for your mouth. Such safe implants can act as strong support for artificial and replacement teeth. Currently, safe dental implants are the industrial standard for most dentistry procedures. 

Dental Implants Benefit for Seniors 

Dental implants can provide numerous benefits to senior citizens, including: 

  • Improved eating experience can be expected as the full capabilities of your teeth are restored to chew the food properly. Additionally, all foods can be eaten by senior citizens without any problem. 
  • Dental implants give a natural look and hold to your artificial teeth, making your face look better. 
  • Improved confidence
  • Safe implants are easier to care for than other procedures, like dentures. 
  • They cost comparatively lower than other, less durable medical procedures such as dentures. 

Price of Implants for Seniors 

The price of implants for seniors can vary based on the senior’s requirements, the material selected, and the dentist is working on the procedure. The total cost of a dental implant can be between $5000 to $6500 AUD. For multiple implant costs, the cost can also vary as there are many factors involved, please speak to your dentist for a more accurate cost. The pattern of the implant for seniors can dramatically change the costs involved as well.

The procedure of Dental Implants in Mount Waverley 

There are certain distinct processes involved in the installation of dental implants in Mount Waverley: 

  • First, an initial consultation occurs where 3-D imaging is used to check the current status of your teeth. 
  • A follow-up appointment is where the dental implant is installed in the jaw bone at the location of the missing tooth. This phase can be painful and may cause lasting discomfort. 
  • After the implant is completed, osseointegration occurs where the jawbone and the implant start to grow concurrently. 
  • After the osseointegration, the implant for seniors will involve abutment placement and attachment of new teeth to the lost teeth site. 

Follow-up meetings may be required in case there is any complication. 

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