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Coronavirus (COVID19) Reduced to Level 1 Restrictions

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Dear Friends,

Effective 8 May 2020, dental treatment has been reduced to level 1 restrictions. For dental treatment under Level 1 restrictions, all dental services can be provided using standard precautions for people who do not meet epidemiological and clinical risk factors for COVID-19 infection transmission as per the case definitions available from:

The following provides an overview of current case definitions for COVID-19 risk as of 5 May 2020 based on what is currently known about the clinical and epidemiological profile of cases of COVID-19 presenting in Australia and internationally.

Current Case Definitions for COVID-19

Confirmed case

A person who tests positive to a validated specific SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid test or has the virus identified by electron microscopy or viral culture.

Probable case

A person, who has not been tested, with fever (≥38°C) or history of fever (e.g. night sweats,
chills) OR acute respiratory infection (e.g. cough, shortness of breath, sore throat) AND who is a household contact of a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19.

Suspect case

Clinical and public health judgement should be used to determine the need for testing in
hospitalised patients and patients who do not meet the clinical or epidemiological criteria.
A person who meets the following clinical AND epidemiological criteria:

Clinical Criteria:

Fever (≥38°C) or history of fever (e.g. night sweats, chills) OR acute respiratory infection (e.g. cough, shortness of breath, sore throat)

Epidemiological criteria:

i. In the 14 days prior to illness onset:
 Close contact with a confirmed or probable case
 International or interstate travel
 Passengers and crew who have travelled on a cruise ship
 Healthcare, aged or residential care workers and staff with direct patient contact
 People who have lived in or travelled through a geographically localised area with
elevated risk of community transmission, as defined by public health authorities
ii. Hospitalised patients, where no other clinical focus of infection or alternate explanation of the patient’s illness is evident.
We always enforce the highest standards of sterilisation and infection control to ensure the health and safety of both our patients and staff.
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