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Emergency Toothache Relief – How To Manage Until You Get Help

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Toothaches are a pain, literally. They can affect anyone and a lot of the time, seem to come out of nowhere. To help prevent a toothache from worsening, or at least numb the pain a little, consider the following six tips.

Disclaimer: None of these tips are a suitable replacement for getting dental care from a dentist. These are just some things you can do to feel more comfortable while waiting to receive care.

1. Book Your Emergency Dental Appointment ASAP

Some patients might dismiss their toothache as a non-urgent hassle but make no mistake, it is absolutely considered a dental emergency. Toothaches are not only painful and uncomfortable to experience but they can often indicate serious dental problems such as infections or impacted wisdom teeth. So, if you are experiencing pain in your teeth or gums, don’t delay in contacting an emergency dentist in Mount Waverley for a same-day appointment.

2. Deep Breathing and Mindfulness

It will not stop the pain but if your toothache came on suddenly out of nowhere or was the result of a dental injury or sports accident, you might be experiencing some shock. Taking a few deep breaths, counted breaths or practicing meditation for a few minutes may help you to feel calmer and less panicked so that you can focus better on what you do next. It may be helpful to do if you need to calm yourself in order to explain your situation to the dentist clearly.

3. Salt Water Rinse

A simple home-remedy for toothaches that is dentist-approved is the salt water rinse and gargle. Saltwater is naturally antibacterial so it can help to prevent further bacterial growth in the mouth and may rinse away any trapped food debris that may be lingering. Just make sure that the water is lukewarm or room temperature and be gentle with rinsing.

4. Clove Oil

People have been using cloves to ease pain for centuries with clove oil still being used to ease toothaches today. Cloves contain eugenol, a bioactive compound that is a natural anesthetic that also has anti-inflammatory properties. For toothaches, apply a few drops of clove oil to a cotton bud or cotton ball and dap the affected tooth or gum area. The pain should subside within seconds. This may also help to temporarily ease swelling and symptoms of infection.

5. Icepacks

Ice Packs and cold compresses can help to ease toothaches by numbing the pain. If you are applying either an ice pack or compress, do not apply the ice directly to your skin as you are likely to be much more sensitive when having a toothache.

6. Over-the-Counter Painkillers

Of course, if the pain is persistent and not relieved by any other remedies, topical painkillers like ibuprofen or paracetamol may help with pain-relief. If you are bleeding as well as in pain, be sure to avoid blood thinning medication like aspirin.

See A Reliable Emergency Dentist in Mount Waverley

Dentist@330 is a local general and emergency dentist in Mount Waverley. You can expect friendly and high-quality dental care whether you are coming in for a check-up and clean or treatment for emergency toothache relief. To learn more or book an appointment, you can contact us or visit us in person at our Mount Waverley dental clinic.