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How Do I Know What Toothbrush Should I Use?

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Nowadays, when you go to the supermarket or a drug store, you see there’s so many different types of toothbrushes. Come into different shapes, you know, there are manual ones, electrical one.

So as a dental professional, so there is a few tips for you to help you to choose one. You might have these confusions and you spend a lot of money and make sure it’s all cost-effective. So generally we look at the head of the toothbrush. A soft one will be the best, soft bristle. So they’re very gentle with the gum if you brush twice a day. There’s medium & hard, but generally wouldn’t recommend them. Depending on the pressure that you apply on the toothbrush. It can be very damaging to the teeth and the gums surrounding the tooth.

Generally speaking, the smaller the head, the better it is because that will give you, you know, you don’t feel that discomfort or causing a bit of a gagging reflex when you try to brush the back of the teeth.

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