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Who is not suitable for clear aligners?

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The biggest problem with aligners is, it doesn’t work if you don’t wear them. So if you are not a compliant person, aligners are not for you. You have to be very, very disciplined.

Like I said, if you can’t wear them 20 hours a day, it is not going to work. Now like everything, we have cases where we, where aligners cannot move your teeth. Now usually the cases are if a tooth has to move a certain amount we know aligners have their limitations.

This is just plastic and some buttons we’re relying on. Now if this is the case, we might sometimes say let’s do three months of traditional braces and then we move onto aligners again.

It’s getting more and more acceptable. There’s very little where we can’t use it. But I think the biggest one is where the tooth has to move a big amount.

So for example, if your tooth’s criss-cross like this, the aligner is gonna struggle, it can’t do it. We need to go old school.

Now sometimes it can be quite difficult ’cause you wouldn’t know which one is for you. For that simple reason, we do offer no obligation free consults for clear aligners. Or any orthodontics for that matter.

Because you should be sure that this is the thing for you and we need to also know that this is gonna work for you. So make sure, before you make up your mind.

See a professional Dentist or an Orthodontist. Make sure you are choosing the right treatment.