Alternatives Options to Dental Implants.

Everyone is not a candidate for implants. Therefore, if we do not want dental implants, the alternatives are, one, do nothing, that is, we live with the gap. Number two is we can do a partial denture, so a little plate that comes in and out. Number three is we if you have adjacent teeth on either side, we can do a bridge, which means we cut teeth on either side and put a fixed bridge in. All of these have problems. For example, if we do nothing, you might have issues chewing or if it’s the front tooth, you wouldn’t wanna smile.

If you do partial dentures, they’re good that they’re quite conservative and cheaper than implants, but unfortunately, some people never get used to the plates. As far as bridges are concerned, I personally am not a huge fan of bridges because we have to damage pretty much good teeth sometimes, on either side and if something fails in the future, instead of that one gap that you had, you might end up with three gaps. This is my opinion on it, but, yes, sometimes we have to go with the alternatives.