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Cost of Dental Implants in Australia || Why Is It So Expensive?

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– A question we get asked often is why are dental implants so expensive in Australia? It’s a bit like saying why are you so heavily paid here in Australia?

Because of how the whole Australian system works, the cost of doing any form of procedures here is always a bit higher.

Now I’m not gonna go into the specifics of it but I’m gonna tell you what your dentist, your surgeon, or your specialist has to do before the successful implant can be done.

There’s a lot of planning that is done. So for example, if you look, we’ve taken the skin of a patient here.

We will then get a patient to do a CT scan, then we download it into software like this, this is all done after hours mind you, where we will spend about an hour planning to see which would be the best way to minimize the risk and have a successful implant.

Once this is done we do a digitally printed guide which we use to place your implants.

Now if you add everything up, unfortunately, it costs quite a bit. What I would say instead is, dental implants are the second best thing to your own teeth.

So what you need weigh-in, do you want something that’s next best to your own teeth? versus no teeth, the choice is yours.

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