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Dr. Vikash Makan Explaining the Difference in Different Materials of Dental Implants

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– So is there any difference in different materials and different brands we use in implants? Of course, there is. We try and use only the top quality of brands of implants and we will only use implants that we would have in our own mouth. What is the reason? Implants that have been researched well have seemed to last longer.

So we wanna do implants with good evidence and we only use implants that have good support here. Materials used with implants again some people would use custom-made components, we at this stage try and use only original components because the last thing we want is things falling. So if you ask me is there a difference? Every implant is not gonna provide you the same result.

So please make sure you do your research or feel free to give us a call or come and see us and we would be happy to advise you on different implants how they work and which implant system might best suit you.