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Tips to Take Care of Dental Implants By Dr. Vikash Makan (Dentist@330)

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– How do we look after our implant? This is where a lot of people are going wrong. We’re seeing more and more failures and problems with an implant because they are not aware of what to do. They think we’ve got the implant, the end of the world we’ll never need any dental trips, unfortunately, this is wrong.

Dental Implants: 2 Important Tips to Remember

1. Visit your dental hygienist every 4-6 months

Before you do an implant remember you’re committing yourself to a four-monthly, six-monthly visit to the hygienist or the dentist. If you can’t commit to that do not get an implant then.

2. Use a pikster, water floss, or Waterpik

At home what you can do, is you can use things called a pikster which goes in between the two teeth and it brushes out everything very well. Brushing normally, there’s something known as the water floss or the Waterpik, it’s like a little jet blaster that can get things out of those gaps.

The Takeaway

Remember one thing, your implants like a mushroom where the implants a little stump and your crowns like a mushroom, so there’s a lot of gaps that you have and just your brush or floss will not clean as well. So you have to ensure you go in and you cleaning it well and to make sure you’re seeing a dentist who’s able to clean it well.

Also, remember that we cannot use all sorts of dental instruments to clean this implant. We in our clinic have AirFlow, this system has been known to be one of the best systems to clean implants because it does not cause any damages on the implant surfaces.

If you want to know more about Dental Implants in Mount Waverley, feel free to email us, so give us a call and we’d be happy to give you more advice on how to look after your implant.