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Electrical brush VS Traditional Brush

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I have a lot of patients who ask me the question:

“what is the difference between an electrical toothbrush and a traditional one?”

Generally, there’s not so much difference as long as we use them correctly. Having said that, I’ll say for people who have poor dexterity, or people who generally having the bad habits of using a hard toothbrush or brush very hard for many years electrical toothbrush might be a very good one for them because when they apply too much pressure toothbrush will remind them it’s a little bit too much you gotta be gentle.

For kids, generally I wouldn’t recommend electrical toothbrush unless there’s a difficulties for them to brush their teeth on the daily basis parent is struggling and that’s also a reason you’d not doing it.

An electric toothbrush for kids may be creating that novelty effects for the kids and sort of encouraging them to brush and establish that good oral habit. The reason I said I don’t encourage for them to use the electrical one because they are still developing their motor skills. Traditional one, actually, it’s a good one in that regards.