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Brushing Techniques for Sensitive Teeth

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There are probably one correct way of brushing. But there’s a lot of people doing it not a very correct way, resulting in gum recession, & tooth wear.

So generally when we use a tooth brush, as we said, it’s a soft head, soft bristle, small head. So what do we do? We normally do upside-down motion. Gentle pressure, either you do a circular motion and when you come to the back teeth, we would say you do a little bit of 45 degree giggle.

That’s kind of, cleans the teeth of at the gum level, very effectively. As I said the teeth actually, it’s a three-dimensional object, so, which you always- We clean, we call it a buckle surface, and it’s a biting surface. And so again, pretty much the same principle, gentle, um, and giggle at the back, and upside-down if you can do that in the front.

People who have a bit of a gum recession, sensitive teeth, as we said, the general principle, if you use a soft toothbrush, that definitely would do further damage. But having said that, tooth sensitivity can be caused by a variety of reasons.

I would say, go have a dental check-up, and if you know the cause, and you know it’s nothing really serious, it’s just a bit of recession, a bit of tooth-wear loss you can use some remineralization agents such as Tooth Mousse Plus on a day-to-day basis.

You can use a toothpaste you choose for sensitivity. This should be, if you use consistently and use it for the long term, it will be very helpful with sensitivity.