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In-Chair Teeth Whitening

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For in-chair whitening, it takes average 45 to 90 minutes. And it really depends on the cycle required and the tooth response. Whereas for take-home whitening, it takes days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months, and it requires once or twice application on a daily basis with the bleaching tray in the mouth for average of 30 minutes to one hour time.

The in-chair whitening, the results are instantaneous. So end of that 90 minute session, you sit up in the dental chair right in front of the mirror you can see your brighter, whiter smile. Whereas for take-home whitening, of course it takes days and weeks or months. In terms of longevity, because of the product used for two different approaches. The in-chair whitening, the results last much longer as compared to home bleaching which requires much longer time due to lack of consistency you know on the daily application business over a consecutive period of time and the results can be very disappointing.