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What is the process of Clear Aligners?

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There’s a lot of systems in this day and age with clear aligners. I’m basically gonna talk about the process of clear aligners. The system I use is Invisalign. So we basically scanned our patient with my iTero scanner. This takes only a few minutes.

So this is a case where we’ve just taken a scan. This is mid-treatment, meaning we have gone halfway. We were not happy with a few things, so we took a scan. While we at this, if you see, we see little buttons on the teeth here.

So, how do aligners work? These buttons are tooth colored, so from a distance, we can’t really see. So for example, I’ll get this model. This is a clear aligner. This is an Invisalign aligner. There’s some buttons here and some buttons here. This goes on. The patient wears this pretty much 20 hours a day. We say 20 to 22 hours. You only take it out for eating. Otherwise, it’s quite comfortable.

So depending on the case, you might need 20 aligners, 40 aligners, 50, 60. So far we haven’t had patients complain as much as we do when people have braces on.

You need to go see your dentist, your orthodontist, come and see us if you have no one. And we’ll be able to tell you if this is gonna work for you. Because if this can work for you, this is a very very good option if you do not want to wear those brackets on your teeth again.