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Bruxism Causes & Symptoms Explained

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Bruxism actually is a term for excessive grinding or clenching of the teeth. And the causes of the bruxism, it is illness, nutritional deficiency or even dehydration in adults and children.

The other causes will be very common, psychological and stress which we all have, anxiety, anger, frustration and the other very increasing research has been done, is bruxism actually is a clinical symptom of people who have a sleep disorder, which is called sleep apnea.

We have patients who come in and complaints would be sensitive teeth, very inflamed gum, despite the floss, the cleaning. They do what the dentist been told but still, they have quite a bit of gum inflammation, gum bleeding. And they complain, “I chipped the outer surface of my teeth or I cracked my teeth and when I get them in the morning, I have a lot of jaw tightness or have a bit of a tension headache”.

So, to look at this problem, again, as I said, it’s not something straight-forward. A very good consultation, an assessment, an exam with a dentist would be really crucial. In order to first establish a treatment option.